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We deliver our hardware throughout mainland France, you can pay for items by Visa, Mastercard, Amex through PayPal.

Alternatively you can contact us with the items you are interested in and we will issue you a non - comital Devis.

You can contact us with any queries or orders by e-mail at brittanygates.fr@gmail.com or telephone 02 96 43 67 16

Hardware deliveries usually within 5 days

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We cannot hide away from the fact that Covid remains a significant impact on the supply chain and will do for some months yet. Much of our ironmongery comes from the Far East and with regional lockdowns and a severe labour shortage in countries like India this continues to cause substantial delays to orders. The availability of raw materials has also driven up the cost price considerably over recent months with this trend not appearing to slow. We continue to negotiate with our valued suppliers as well as looking for alternative solutions across Europe – ensuring the price and quality is right - but it is clear the situation will be with us for some time. It is likely we will need to implement further price rises throughout the year as we are unable to fully absorb them, however we will ensure these are kept to a minimum and frequently reviewed. We will endeavour to give prior warning but these increases may change without notice depending on the circumstances we face.

Featured Products

FG adjustable hinge set
FG adjustable hinge set
FG adjustable hinge set
Fairly easy to install, adjustable.
FG Adjustable hinges with hooks on plate
FG Adjustable hinges with hooks on plate
FG Adjustable hinges with hooks on plate
Easy to install, supplied with fixings. 300mm / 450mm / 600mm options