"The Midsummer Central" traditional five bar gate plus

  The same frame as our popular "Midsummer Traditional" with the addition of a vertical central rail,  suitable as a driveway, entrance, or field gate, this traditional style combines strength and durability with the beauty of douglas timber with the added protection of a water resistant anti UV oil.  A robust rectangular frame with a tapered top rail and an all round chamfer. The horizontal rails are morticed to the stiles, strengthened by symmetrically arranged diagonal rails (brace) and a vertical rail morticed to the top bar and dowled and fixed to the horizontal rails with 8mm bolts.  This Gate is also available as a six bar with the lower rails closer together preventing the passage of smaller animals and a seven bar with rails evenly spaced the height of the Gate.

Note: A tapered top rail is not only traditional but functional, in conjunction with the heavier hanging stile this places more wieght on the hinge side allowing for a smoother motion for the gate.

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Price includes TVA

Five Bar Gate

Six Bar 

Seven Bar 

2.50m   292.00 €

3.00m   302.00 €

3.50m   315.00 €

4.00m   325.00 €

    2.50m  315.00 €

    3.00m  325.00 €

    3.50m  336.00 €

    4.00m  346.00 €

2.50m   342.00 €

3.00m   352.00 €

3.50m   364.00 €

4.00m   374.00 €

For a price for a Gate in between the sizes above please contact us

Prices do not include hardware

Five bar Gate

Diagonal rails (brace) morticed to the top rail and dowled

8mm Bolts

 8mm Bolts

Six bar wooden Gate

 Midsummer central 6 bar gate, available in 5 & 7 bar versions


Hieght to top of top rail


Hanging Stile                         

Closing Stile                         

  The length of this Gate with the vertical centre rail begin at 2.50m with a double cross and vertical rail XIX     for shorter lengths see the "Midsummer traditional" 

  These Gates are made to order and are available for collection or delivery within 28 days. For more information please contact us


70mm x 20mm

125mm x 70mm

70mm x 70mm

7 Points to the "Midsummer"

  1. Traditional tapered top rail

  2. Douglas timber applied with a water resistant anti UV oil treatment applied

  3. 125mm hanging stile in conjunction with the tapered top rail distributes more weight to the hanging side making  for a better opening and closing movement

  4. Diagonal rails (brace) morticed to the top rail and dowled, not butted

  5. All round chamfer and smooth finish

  6. 8mm coach bolts

  7. Traditionally made with mortice & tenon joints

Oil treatment applied

A clear water resistant Anti UV treatment displaying the natural colour of the wood, nourishing the timber allowing it to breathe while resisting moisture and slowing the greying process.

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