Horse Fencing

High Tensile Horse Fencing

High tensile Horse Fencing mechanically strained

Horse Fencing High Tensile

 Hamptons high tensile Horse Fencing, designed for the enclosure of Horses, 1220mm high. Must be strained between solid strainers to be effective.

Price with installation inc TVA

Up to 50 mtrs supply & install 18.00 € per mtr *

up to 100 mtrs supply & install 16.00 € per mtr *

up to 150 mtrs supply & install 14.00 € per mtr *

Single Strainer supplied & installed 150.00 € each **

Corner / Double Strainer supplied & installed 165.00 € each **

* Stapled on 75mm class 4 round (rammed) Posts at approximatley 3.00m intervals

** 200mm Douglas round strainer Post concreted in position with 80mm class 4 round struts

Special order may take up to 18 weeks

Corner Strainer 200mm Round Post
High Tensile Galvanised Horse Fencing
200mm Round End Strainer
Horse Fencing High Tensile Galvanised
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