"Woodman" rustic budget five bar Gate

  A heavy five bar gate, the "woodman" is suitable for a field entrance, stock, or smallholding where a strong budget gate is required. With a sawn finish, full 75mm frame, this traditional rustic style five bar gate combines strength and durability with the beauty of class 3 specified Douglas timber with water resistant and anti-humidity protection.  A robust rectangular frame, the horizontal rails are morticed to the stiles, strengthened by symmetrically arranged diagonal rails (brace) morticed to the top bar and fixed to the horizontal rails with 8mm bolts. This gate can hang left or right as there is no tapered top and the stiles are of equal depth. 

Budget Farm & Field Gate

The "Woodman" can be hung left or right as the Stiles are of equal width.

Prices include TVA

length          Price

  98cm      130.00 €

1.22m       140.00 €

1.80m       165.00 €

2.12m       170.00 

2.62m       185.00 €

3.12m       235.00 €

3.62m       256.00 €

4.12m       267.00 €

Other lengths available

Price excludes hardware


Height to top of top rail                   1090mm

Top rail                          95mm x 75mm straight

Rails Horizontal & Diagonal   75mm  x 25mm

Hanging Stile        1220mm x 95mmm x 75mm

Closing stile              1220mm x 95mm x 75mm

Gates up to 1.22m long have a single brace, from 1.80m to 2.12m they have a cross brace, and from 2.62m up to 4.06m a double cross brace.

Gates are made to order at busy times please allow 28 Days for delivery or collection.

7 Points to the "Woodman"

  1. Extra thick 75mm Frame

  2. Douglas timber specified class 3, sawn finish

  3. Equal 100mm deep stiles for a universal Hang

  4. 8mm bolts

  5. Straight top rail, not tapered

  6. Traditionally made with mortice & tenon joints

  7. Exterior wood protection, with slight odour which will diminish, colouring mid brown. Water resistance and anti-humidity protection. 

Single & Combination Gate Guide

Based on Gates hanging on the rear or face of Posts

A Single Gate 

4.12m will fit a 4.06m  opening 

3.62m = 3.56m opening 

3.12m = 3.06m opening


Combination of Gate pairs 

0.98m + 2.12m =  3.12m opening

1.80m + 1.80m =  3.56m opening

0.98m + 2.62m =  3.56m opening

0.98m + 3.12m =  4.06m opening

0.98m + 3.62m =  4.56m opening 

0.98m + 4.12m =  5.06m opening

2.62m + 2.62m  = 5.20m opening

3.12m + 3.12m =  6.20m opening 

Other combinations can be had to fit your space or we can custom make to suit.

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"Midsummer" Five bar gate with 130mm hanging stile and 80mm closing stile